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1 Decorating alleys by park furniture and outdoor furniture
Our engineers worked out a whole range of unified elements of outdoor furniture. Basic requirements to beautification elements are ecological compatibility, modern design, simplicity and quickness of installation and unbreakability
2 Our company primarily focus in joomla website programming.
Joomla website development is our precise area of specialization, and I would like to assure your that the results of our partnership are definitely to incline you towards further business relations with us. If you need a Business Process Ousourcing, please be sure to consider Onix-Systems.
3 MedVoy is a U.S. based certified medical tourism company facilitating outbound, inbound, domestic medical tourism for patients all over the world.
MedVoy has been carefully designed to help patients shop for affordable, high quality, accredited health care world wide. Medvoy is a pioneer in the global healthcare medical tourism marketplace and is the only one-stop place that can assist with all your medical and wellness needs. Let our experienced team help you minimize your health care expenses and maximize your care and savings.MedVoy is a U.S. based certified medical tourism company facilitating outbound, inbound, domestic medical tourism for patients all over the world.
4 PBXpress - VoIP PBX solution for offices
PBXpress is a VoIP PBX solution. It is a reliable replacement for traditional PBX in the new era of the internet. PBX is basically a multifunctional phone switch for business of all sizes - all of the phones are connected and provided for via an IP network. With our VoIP PBX solution your calls can be delivered to any place on Earth at a fraction of the usual cost via the internet, and all system configuration is done from your web browser. Our VoIP PBX solution makes an IP PBX system that is low cost, flexible, user-friendly and capable of recording calls. What we offer is a software-based VoIP PBX solution, where a lot of the problems of legacy systems were already solved. Moreover, you can start your own business with our VoIP PBX Team, and it can be custom developed for your requirements. Development is driven by PortaOne, Inc. and we are contributing our more than 10-years of VoIP experience in building value for customers all over the world.
5 Remai Landscape and Design is a small Ottawa
Since 2005, Remai Landscape & Design has been building beautiful and functional landscapes on residential properties in Ottawa and around the Ottawa-Carleton municipalities. With an emphasis on quality, lasting strength and beauty, Remai Landscape & Design enhances the visual appeal of your property, increasing its value. We listen to your wants, needs and concerns and create the landscaping design that best reflects their lifestyle and priorities, accenting the best characteristics of your property.
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